This week’s blog is simply a recommendation for a great new song. Song Of Heaven by Mack Brock, Stefan Cashwell and Chris Davenport is a beautiful song of praise that echoes the worship of heaven seen in Revelation 4, with references to Romans 1 as it talks about how creation is telling the glory of God.

Worship Together has been promoting the song, and an interview in which Mack Brock talks about the song and how it was written ( I love Mack’s heart of worship, and noted down a few of his comments about worship in general and this song in particular that I think are helpful:

“What I love about worship is that it gives us such a chance to really align ourselves with heaven. It gives us a chance to experience heaven on earth.”
“I have a lot of songs about what the Lord is doing in my life, but I also want to write these songs that don’t ever say the word I or me but it’s all about exaltation to Him.”
“Let’s just sing what the angels are already singing and declare what’s already being spoken in heaven right now.”

Mack Brock, Worship Together interview

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