Our Vision

Worship Leading Essentials is both a book and a website. Both have the simple aim of helping anyone leading worship to think through the essentials of their gifting. With a thorough grounding in the Bible, both website and book look to church history, current trends and our future heavenly destiny for inspiration.

Worship Leading Essentials started life as a book, now available from bookshops and online. Its goal is to give any new worship leader a simple guide to work through the main issues involved in leading worship today. The ten main chapters introduce important topics from what it means to be a worshipper, to worshipping in spirit and in truth, spiritual gifts, humility and teamwork, seasons and lament, and much more.

Grounded in biblical truth, the book aims to be an inspiration for worship leaders everywhere, learning from worship heroes of the Bible as well as examples from church history from Charles Wesley to Graham Kendrick.

The Worship Leading Essentials website is a companion to the book, and shares the same vision of helping to equip anyone who is new to worship leading. It features inspirational quotes, links to great new songs, short excerpts from the book, original worship posts, and book news.