It’s always a great pleasure to unreservedly recommend an amazing new song. Christ Is Risen by Phil Wickham, Mack Brock and Brian Johnson is catchy yet biblical, beautifully produced in this Phil Wickham recording, and most of all it exalts our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. CHORUS: Hallelujah, Christ is risen… Continue Reading All Throughout Eternity

This week’s blog is simply a recommendation for a great new song. Song Of Heaven by Mack Brock, Stefan Cashwell and Chris Davenport is a beautiful song of praise that echoes the worship of heaven seen in Revelation 4, with references to Romans 1 as it talks about how creation… Continue Reading Song of Heaven – New Song

The book of Revelation teaches so much about what is real. We mustn’t forget that the life we are living on this earth is a shadow of the heavenly reality, the greatest blessings merely a foretaste of our glorious inheritance, which Jesus says He is going ahead to prepare for… Continue Reading The Most Valuable Currency in the World

Two recent “Free Songs of the Week” from are our featured songs in today’s blog. As always, I love to find new songs that are genuinely honouring our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s hard to know what to call this first song, but whatever you call it… Continue Reading Jesus You Alone Deserve All Praise

The new Citizens song is the upbeat Only Jesus Christ. Written by Brian Eichelberger and Zach Bolen, Only Jesus Christ features effective and Biblical lyrics magnifying the Lord Jesus and drawing us into worship with a snappy beat that takes just a little effort to get the hang of! I… Continue Reading Citizens and CityAlight – Two Great New Songs

Not sure I’ve enjoyed a new Christmas song so much since I first heard that Wesley boy bashing out Hark the Herald on his portable pipe organ. Only joking, not that old really! Seriously happy to share this one, a Christmas song which gets in just enough of the gospel… Continue Reading The King Became Homeless – great new song!