This blog post is just a shout out really to Jack Hayford, and a recommendation to take a look at his website. Not that I would necessarily agree with everything he writes or preaches, but he has some great insights about worship. Worship involves physical expressions founded upon biblical guidelines;… Continue Reading Eleven Hebrew Verbs for Physical Worship

This week’s blog is simply a recommendation for a great new song. Song Of Heaven by Mack Brock, Stefan Cashwell and Chris Davenport is a beautiful song of praise that echoes the worship of heaven seen in Revelation 4, with references to Romans 1 as it talks about how creation… Continue Reading Song of Heaven – New Song

May we in the very gentlest whisper beg you to think very much of God, much of the singing, and extremely little of yourself. The best sermon is that in which the theme absorbs the preacher and hearers, and leaves no one either time or desire to think about the… Continue Reading Spurgeon’s Advice to the Worship Leader

Seems an appropriate day to think a little about what we believe! What we believe about God will have a profound effect on how we worship, and it will have a significant effect on how we lead others in worship. Our worship is a declaration of the worth or value… Continue Reading What We Believe About God – and Why It Matters

I would encourage every worship leader to let worship leading on stage be one percent of the worship that happens with you during the week. Don’t let that be everything or close to everything. Have a life of worship far beyond and outside that one space. Pat Barrett Great quote… Continue Reading One Percent of Your Worship

One of the most inspirational writers on worship is Charles H. Spurgeon, a spiritual giant of the nineteenth century. His sermons were printed in newspapers, and his writings were widely published in books and pamphlets. Although perhaps somewhat dated for most readers today (he died in 1892), here he takes… Continue Reading True Praise is Heart Work

One of my favourite worship quotes comes from Alex Enfiedjian’s Worship Sets: As the gatekeepers of our church’s “worship vocabulary” we must take caution to make sure that the songs that shape our people’s theology are biblically sound, Christ exalting, and clear! Remember, singing is one of the strongest mnemonic… Continue Reading A Strong Mnemonic Device?

Millions have been inspired by the writings of Dr AW Tozer (1897-1963), most famous for describing worship as the “missing jewel of the evangelical church”. This is one of my favourite Tozer quotes: “In the perfection of love, the heart does not reason from admiration to affection, but quickly rises… Continue Reading Loving God for Himself Alone