I’m continuing to link to the best articles and blogs I find on worship and worship leading, and this piece by Aaron Keyes on weareworship.com is really interesting: https://weareworship.com/learning/articles/7-practical-worship-leading-tips I especially like his suggestion that for each song you choose for Sunday morning, you find three Scriptures that go with… Continue Reading Hydrate on Thursdays!

One of my favourite worship quotes comes from Alex Enfiedjian’s Worship Sets: As the gatekeepers of our church’s “worship vocabulary” we must take caution to make sure that the songs that shape our people’s theology are biblically sound, Christ exalting, and clear! Remember, singing is one of the strongest mnemonic… Continue Reading A Strong Mnemonic Device?

One of the aims of this site is to provide links and connections to great and inspirational material elsewhere on the web. This blog, entitled Leading Stripped Back Worship, was recently posted on the weareworship.com website. https://weareworship.com/learning/articles/leading-stripped-back-worship/ Based in London, Lucy Grimble is a worship leader, musician and songwriter. I… Continue Reading Lucy Grimble’s Blog

Millions have been inspired by the writings of Dr AW Tozer (1897-1963), most famous for describing worship as the “missing jewel of the evangelical church”. This is one of my favourite Tozer quotes: “In the perfection of love, the heart does not reason from admiration to affection, but quickly rises… Continue Reading Loving God for Himself Alone