This blog post is just a shout out really to Jack Hayford, and a recommendation to take a look at his website. Not that I would necessarily agree with everything he writes or preaches, but he has some great insights about worship. Worship involves physical expressions founded upon biblical guidelines;… Continue Reading Eleven Hebrew Verbs for Physical Worship

My reading in Psalm 122 today seemed highly appropriate in the light of the ceasefire agreed between Israel and Hamas. We pray for peace for Jerusalem, and for Gaza, and for Israel, and for its other troubled neighbours, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. But our prayers are for much more… Continue Reading Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

This week’s blog is simply a recommendation for a great new song. Song Of Heaven by Mack Brock, Stefan Cashwell and Chris Davenport is a beautiful song of praise that echoes the worship of heaven seen in Revelation 4, with references to Romans 1 as it talks about how creation… Continue Reading Song of Heaven – New Song

The book of Revelation teaches so much about what is real. We mustn’t forget that the life we are living on this earth is a shadow of the heavenly reality, the greatest blessings merely a foretaste of our glorious inheritance, which Jesus says He is going ahead to prepare for… Continue Reading The Most Valuable Currency in the World

May we in the very gentlest whisper beg you to think very much of God, much of the singing, and extremely little of yourself. The best sermon is that in which the theme absorbs the preacher and hearers, and leaves no one either time or desire to think about the… Continue Reading Spurgeon’s Advice to the Worship Leader

Seems an appropriate day to think a little about what we believe! What we believe about God will have a profound effect on how we worship, and it will have a significant effect on how we lead others in worship. Our worship is a declaration of the worth or value… Continue Reading What We Believe About God – and Why It Matters