With the launch over and the book now published, it can feel like there is nothing happening sometimes. And as an author you wonder whether the book is having any impact, is it helping anyone, is it being the blessing I hope for?

So it was wonderfully encouraging on Sunday to receive no less than seven different positive stories about the book. Most of these are small things, and most came from some lovely encouraging friends at church. But all of them help me believe that yes, God does have a plan for this book, and He will use it!

I’m preserving some anonymity here: Friend 1 told me he had written an Amazon review of the book, although there were some issues with it being published. I’m so thankful to this friend and others who have written reviews, or have promised to do so when they have finished reading the book. Friend 2 had downloaded the Kindle version of the book, and pointed out a glitch in the Contents page in that format: really helpful as now the publishers should be able to get that fixed.

Friend 3 told me he had started reading the book, and it was the reason he came to church that morning! I wasn’t expecting that. Friend 4 gave me her daughter’s address; the daughter goes to a different church in the city and I can now get a book to her. And Friend 5 was the last of the church worship team I was able to catch up with to give him a copy: a small token of thanks for the massive impact of King’s Church on my worship experience over many years.

I got home and a quick look at the book’s Amazon page showed another sale on their site! I only deduce this from the fact that the book’s ranking on Amazon jumped up, but thank you to whoever that was.

The seventh encouragement came via a Facebook friend request and a Messenger conversation. This new friend had heard of the book from a friend of a friend of one of my in-law family members! Which prompts further thanks to all the friends and family who have been busy recommending the book to so many people. Personal recommendation is so valuable.

Our loving heavenly Father always knows what we need and when; whether it’s the big things of life, or little encouragements like the ones above, what a wonderful God we serve and love!

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