Seems an appropriate day to think a little about what we believe! What we believe about God will have a profound effect on how we worship, and it will have a significant effect on how we lead others in worship. Our worship is a declaration of the worth or value… Continue Reading What We Believe About God – and Why It Matters

Ezekiel 37:24-28 This wonderful passage contains five references to the unchanging, never-ending, everlasting faithfulness of God. God’s people are promised a forever land for them and their descendants (v25), with a David king who rules forever – presumably the Messiah (v25). God offers an everlasting covenant of peace (v26), with… Continue Reading The Father’s Fivefold Faithfulness

How big is the love of God? How far does it reach? Would it surprise you if I suggest 46 billion light-years? Probably not if you’re a physicist, astronomer or science enthusiast, and familiar with the words of Psalm 36: Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,    your faithfulness to the skies. Your… Continue Reading 46 Billion Light-Year Love

I would encourage every worship leader to let worship leading on stage be one percent of the worship that happens with you during the week. Don’t let that be everything or close to everything. Have a life of worship far beyond and outside that one space. Pat Barrett Great quote… Continue Reading One Percent of Your Worship