The list page is my attempt to draw together as many great worship-related website links as possible into one unique and easy-to-use online resource. A version of this list can be found in the book Worship Leading Essentials, but for the latest online list, go to The list includes… Continue Reading New Links for the Mega List

The second book of Timothy is most likely the last of Paul’s letters that we have in the Bible, and perhaps the last that he wrote. He was in prison in Rome, and soon to be executed under Nero’s post-fire persecution of Christians. It is very personal, since Timothy was… Continue Reading Grace Before the Beginning of Time

The question I’m asking here is which chapter of the Bible would you take with you if you were sent to prison for a few years? Many of our Bible heroes were arrested or imprisoned, from Joseph and Jeremiah in the Old Testament to Jesus, Peter, Paul, and many more… Continue Reading Is Romans 8 the Best Prison Chapter?

If you know the gospel of John, and especially the first chapter, you will know that this description is how Jesus first refers to Nathanael. Nathanael is what we might call today a “blunt northerner”, plain-speaking and direct. Philip tells him enthusiastically that they have found the Messiah, Jesus of… Continue Reading In whom there is no deceit

It’s always a great pleasure to unreservedly recommend an amazing new song. Christ Is Risen by Phil Wickham, Mack Brock and Brian Johnson is catchy yet biblical, beautifully produced in this Phil Wickham recording, and most of all it exalts our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. CHORUS: Hallelujah, Christ is risen… Continue Reading All Throughout Eternity